Monday, June 11, 2007

Britain Day = Good / St David's Day = Bad

Do I need to say anything? British nationalist MP wants us to celebrate Britain Day. British nationalists MP's don't want us to have St David's Day as a Bank Holiday.

Funny, Labour believe immigrants need to learn English; Labour in Wales are against a Welsh language act (which wouldn't force anyone to learn Welsh). Discussing effect of immigration on language and housing in England = OK; discussing immigration on language and housing in Wales = bad.

And people ask my why I keep calling Labour a British nationalist party. Dank hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas for the Welsh Blog Awards 2007?

Bratiaith said...

Generally I agree with your point but there is a philosophical differance between the two standpoints.

Welsh speakers also speak english (due to the colonialist Imperial past of Great Britain underlined by the racial essentialism of the "british" episteme.) English is the common language of all.
therefore, Learning English is neccesary for integration to occur, Learning Welsh is desirable, for integration, but not vital (other than to the survival of a minority culture).

Trying to conflate the effort to re-establish welsh as a community language, with the disadvantage and racism suffered by immigrants is likely to be self defeating I feel. THey are seperate debates even though the form of words within each discourse is similar.

Gath Clag said...

You won't hear much of this south of the Border or in Wales.

"Children's pipe band abused at English village gala."