Friday, November 30, 2007

You Can't Eat a Flag!

Sad really, at one time Labour MPs like Betty Williams would patronise Welsh nationalists who were raising concerns about the Welsh language with the pathetic put-down like, 'you can't eat a flag'. Now it seems Labour MPs just want us all to have a belly-full of the Union Jack.

Ian Lucas, well-known British Nationalists (Labour of course) wants us to have a Welsh dimension to the Union Jack. If Lucas knew his history he'd know that Wales is included in the Union Jack, we're represented by the Cross of St George, because under the Act of Union/Incorporation 1536 - Wales is a 'part of the Realm of England'. As Lucas is vociferously in favour of keeping Wales a part of this realm then I'd have thought he'd be happy that Wales was part of his mother country.

And in any case, hasn't this man got anything better to do? Nobody flies the Union Jack in Wales, it's not our flag, nobody gives a toss Lucas. We've got a good flag, the English and Scots have also got their own classy flags, why the hell would we want to mess about with the Union Jack? As Labour have patronised Welsh nationalists over the decades, people aren't interested in identity politics and flags Lucas, they want to talk about "schools'n'hospitals"... or are the British Nationalists now worried that the tide of history is against them?

You know where you can stick your Union Jack, Lucas... oh, and get a life! British Nationalists, what are they good for?


Unknown said...

Good for nothing, I say.
I suggest they all go to the Falkland Islands.

Rhys Wynne said...

Drove though the English Midlands yesterday and noticed lots of St George's flags flying proudly off public buildings and private business buildings alongside the M5 around the Walsall area. Scania had a HUGE flag - it's nice to see the English flying their flag with pride.

Unknown said...

We actually have three good flags - St David's cross and Owain Glyndwr's standard, both of which are banned from the National Stadium for being too inflammatory which you see more an more.

Unfortunately, you do see the Union Flag over public buildings, as our English masters decree this compulsory. This edict does not apply in Scotland or in Northern Ireland, and just serves to remind us of the fact that we are still a part of England in their eyes.

David said...

Most English people would rather the Cross of St. George were flown in England, rather than the Union Jack: in most parts of the country, it's the latter that you'll see, not the Cross of St. George. I propose a compromise designed to keep nationalists of all hues (Welsh, English, British and the rest) happy in my post on 'Flying the Flag' ( But like all compromises, I suppose, my solution might well satisfy no one!

Unknown said...

The purpose of flying a flag is is show pride in the nation. There IS no British nation so why have a flag?

bathmate said...

I liked it.