Thursday, November 01, 2007

Get in touch with the WRU - Cwpan Ray Gravell

I posted earlier my thoughts about the late Ray Gravell. About his humanity, humility and undying passion for the Welsh language and Wales. I ended the post by commenting that 'Cwpan Ray Gravell' would be a much better name for future games between Wales and South Africa than 'Prince William Cup'. I said:

If the WRU has any self-respect for Wales as a nation and one of Wales and Welsh rugby's best ambassadors then the forthcoming game (and all future matches) between Wales and South Africa will be re-named "Cwpan Ray Gravell".

This, surely, is the chance for the WRU to show their true colour - ditch the cringe, sycophantic Prince William Cup, forget about their little OBE's and knighthoods, and remember and celebrate the life of a man who gave so much to Welsh rugby and Welsh life and was a better Ambassador for Wales than Prince William will ever be - the Prince William Cup is an affront to us as a nation.
Since making that post, I have received a steady stream of messages supporting the idea, with many stating that they had already contacted the WRU calling for this change of name.

If you also agree, please email the WRU - - urging them to change the name of the Cup to 'Cwpan Ray Gravell' as soon as possible. You can also telephone them on 0870 013 8600 or write to Welsh Rugby Union, 101 Golate House, St Mary Street, City Centre, Cardiff, CF10 1GE.

If you are a member of facebook, you can join a group calling for the same thing here...

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