Saturday, April 21, 2007

What - Still no Wales Cricket Team?

So, England lose to South Africa and are out of the Cricket World Cup. I'm not gloating - I'm not anti-English, just anti-British. I'm glad there's an English cricket team - just wished there was a Welsh one as well.

As the reactions on this website suggests, there's a lot of support for a Welsh team, but half the problem is a 19C Mrs Davies Bury Port who thinks any thing by association with England is better than Wales. The other is Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

Isn't it time Glamorgan supporters started working with Welsh cricket not against it? And no, Glamorgan doesn't = Wales.


Laban said...

The England cricket team is one of those constitutional oddities, having Welsh and Scots players in it. Tony Lewis and Mike Denness (Scotland) have both captained it. Come to think of it, the Nawab of Pataudi and Ranjitsingh also played for England rather than India.

There's a Wales Minor Counties side which plays in the C&G Trophy.

Glamorgan still play matches at Colwyn Bay and Abergavenny so they do think of themselves as representing Wales. I just wish they'd play more at St Helens.

Gath Clag said...

Cricket is the sport of the thoroughly Anglified in these islands. Scotland, which is pretty crap, thinks it will get better by playing as an English county side. Maybe that's why no one turns up to their games. Scottish politics is moving forward, Scottish cricket backwards.