Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welsh, multi-ethnic and proud! Sod you Trevor Phillips and Brit Nat Labour Establishment!

What an excellent day! The fourth annual St David's Day parade through Cardiff was excellent. The organisers must be congratulated.

It was fabulous to see so many people enjoying their Welshness and yes, even some colour and pageant! I'm fed-up of the miserable utilitarian trait in Welsh nationalism that believes everything is down to policies and politics. Lets celebrate our Welshness. Some may laugh at the 'Welsh kilt' but so what, why not invent a new tradition and why not follow Scottish fashion instead of American street ones?

One of the great thing was to see so many non-white faces - just proves that Welsh identity can encompass all people even on this most Welsh of days. And it wasn't just the faces; the different religions were also invited too.

Just goes to show that Trevor Phillips and the British Nationalist Labour establishment are institutionally anti-Welsh when they say that only Britishness can accommodate people from different backgrounds - it's time they got to grips with their own prejudices.

Oh, and another interesting point. All three opposition parties, Plaid Cymru, LibDems and Tories were present at the march (as they have been for the past four years). The only party noted for its absence... the Brit Nat Labour Party - I mean, how anti-Welsh does a party have to be not to turn up for a St David's Day parade? That's what British nationalism does to you!


Anonymous said...

Though I agree with most of what you're saying, I really have to draw the line at kilts. Plaid cloaks like we used to wear in medieval times, yes. Kilts, no. I don't care that John Ogwen has one.

Unknown said...

You need Welsh BLOOD to be Welsh.

Sorry, no way around it!

Anonymous said...

I never thought of Jonestown as particularly Welsh, despite the name.