Sunday, July 30, 2006

Labour's Oliver Twist Wales Bill is Law...

Part of the following post featured in today's Wales on Sunday. It's brilliant to see that 70 per cent of Welsh people polled by the Wales on Sunday say they are happy with Wales having more powers, and 52 per cent of those polled think it is time to break from the UK - suggesting the new powers are viewed as a stop-gap with full independence the real goal.

Labour's Oliver Twist Wales Bill is Law...

So, Wales becomes a one third of a nation, better than a quarter possibly. But it's still patronising as hell for Labour to submit this Oliver Twist Government of Wales Bill.

Please Governor General, please Westminster, can we have a pat on the head and discuss the future of our country? We promise not to ask for too much because we know if we do the heavens will fall on our head and a plague of locusts will devour our crops and we won't be able to watch Eastenders any more!

We also know if we ask for too much power then people will ask why have we got so many (useless) Labour MPs from Wales. English MPs will say;

"you can have more power but be warned - you'll have less MPs being sent on the gravy-train to the Mother of Parliaments."

Where will that leave the egos of your Labour MPs then?

Hain says this is the 'settled will' of the people of Wales for a generation if not forever. Dream on Hain. The British nationalist Labour establishment can hope so. This is just the beginning boy! We'll be a European nation despite Labour's British nationalism.

The message is clear. We won't get anything else from the British Nationalist Labour Party. Any one in that party who wishes for more power for their country (Wales and not Englandandwales) needs to wake-up and smell the coffee.

Now that this Bill is passed there is no reason to vote, or even support, Labour. They've done their historical bit. Time for others, Welsh, Scottish English and Cornish nationalists outside the Labour establishment to cooperate for independence all round.

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