Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wales, a Nation once again... maybe; not sure like!

Whilst we're fussing about with an useless Assembly and haggling to get some more powers (but not too much either, just in case Labour can't govern the UK), nations much smaller than Wales (and less economically developed) have grown up and become independent.

Yes, welcome to crummy Cymru!

Ah well, maybe even the slow pace of a snail is better than no pace at all.

It seems
Hain is working with the LibDems to get the Government of Wales Bill through before the summer hols. This is the Government of Wales Bill you'll remember which explicitly states that Wales will have no control over it's own water or nuclear plants... does the word Bolivia come to mind? Where's the Welsh morale... where the hell is Ieuan Wyn Jones and Plaid Cymru?!?

Not sure what the Tories are up to. They seem to be mostly in a sulk over the Government of Wales Bill, but then in the same issue of the Western Mail, Cameron (much to his credit, and in keeping with democratic logic) wants to
bar Welsh MPs from voting on English-only issues. Good! I'll settle for that and a federal UK within 10 year and independence then.

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Madyn said...

It's ridiculous that we have no control over our own water and power industries. The major Welsh industries, adn those in which we have a huge surplus.

Power and water supply to the colonial power are not factored into our GDP and that's why Rhodri Morgan can claim we'd be poorer without the alturistic empire to keep us afloat. Lying little shit.