Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're All Nationalists Now

At last an academic says what Brit Nat Watch has been saying for ages. In a new book about Plaid Cymru, Dr Richard Wyn Jones highlighted that those who are in Labour and other British parties are as much nationalists as those in Plaid Cymru. And yes, they are British nationalists too.

Gordon Brown's public outing as a British nationalist at his party's conference was almost AA in its honesty. This is a transcript of what he said at a recent meeting in Bournemouth:

'Hello, my name is Gordon and I am a British nationalist. My party has spent the last one hundred years pretending we were 'internationalists' when in reality that was just a fig-leaf to show our contempt for the Welsh language and meaningful Welsh identity. Some of us have accommodated Welsh linguistic and constitutional aspirations within our wider British nationalism, some have not.

As a new member to Brits Nats Anonymous, I would also like to admit that Margaret Thatcher and Norman Tebbitt were right. I apologise for being in denial of my British nationalism but I now wish I could turn the clock back and not have a Scottish Parliament an Welsh Assembly!

I couldn't help myself, I was desperate for the votes and didn't want to sound hypocritical after attacking Margaret and Norman for so long. Please accept my apologise - I would much rather have a Tory governed UK than devolved parliaments in Scotland and Wales. My anti-Tory Jingosim was just a petulant spat from my teenage years.

'I now feel the urge to say out loud at this Brit Nat Anonymous meeting "I am a British nationalist". I tried to hide it with words like 'cosmopolitan', 'urban', 'metropolitan', 'international socialist' and 'anti-nationalist'. But now that I've been forced to confront my reality by growing Welsh, Scottish and English nationalism it all seems so much clearer.

I've been a hypocrite accusing others of nationalism but too cowardly or dishonest to admit to my own problem - isn't this a common problem with people with other Brit Nat denial problems like Neil Kinnock and our friends in France, Turkey or Spain who show a similar willingness to admit to their own Nationalist attitude whilst attacking smaller nations?'
Good, the fight is out and open. It's time Plaid Cymru, SNP and ED started referring to Labour by their true description, British nationalists. Dr Richard Wyn Jones' book should be translated into English and read by every British Nationalist to help them get over their denial and attitude.


gwe said...

"Dr Richard Wyn Jones accuses those who are in the Labour and other British parties of being as much nationalists as those in Plaid Cymru."

Not sure 'accuses' is the rigfht word to use. It's merely a statement of fact, isn't it?

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Fair enough. Post has been edited.

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