Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scots and English Nats are Talking

The SNP have gone above the heads of the Brit Nats thought police and are speaking to the English Democrats. Senior SNP MP, Angus McNeil, addressed the English Democrats annual conference last weekend.

As two nationalist parties it's not expected that they'll both agree with one another on every point - that's the whole point of nationalism. What they do agree on is the mutual respect for each other's positions and a recognition of both country's right to self-government - that's nationalism too.

Isn't it time the ED dropped their mad claim over Monmouthshire and started talking to Plaid? Isn't it time they respected the position of Mebyon Kernow, and Cornwall's right to self-government? and Isn't it time Plaid started talking to the ED - if they're right wing or not? With over 300 delegates to their 5th annual conference - twice the expected number - English nationalism is finding a voice... and there's nothing the Brit Nats and Gordon Brown can do about it.

It's time Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, Irish and English Nats started talking to one another, and realise that the enemy is British Nationalism!


Gabriel said...

I like your blog and whilst I may not agree with everything in it I see we share sufficient common ground for a link to each others blogs to be mutually beneficial.If you agree to link then please contact me at 'An Unrepentant Communist'
on the commments page of the current post,and I will immediately link your blog to mine.Looking forward to heraing from you.
Gabriel in County Kerry Ireland

landsker said...

May I just echo the sentiment of Gabriel.
As you might guess, I am from Pembrokeshire, and whilst not being fluent welsh, I still support the quest for self-rule for Wales.

Phil McAvity said...

I don't think that the English Democrats have a "mad claim" over Monmouthshire, I believe that they merely seek a referendum there so that the people of that county can decide for themselves. Surely no democrat could argue against that? I don't recall a referendum taking place in Cornwall asking them if they wish to leave the English nation but I see from your map that you have already made that choice for them, so perhaps you aren't democrats after all? If you support true democracy and the sovereignty of the people then you should allow the people in disputed areas such as Monmouthshire, Cornwall or Berwick to decide their own futures. I am an English nationalist and agree that it is time for all nationalists on these islands to work together against the common enemy, the "British" state. It is perhaps unrealistic to think that we will all sing from the same hymn sheet, as the Monmouthshire and Cornwall questions clealy indicate, but I think it would be a good idea to not try to dictate to people and if the people of Monmouthshire want to be English and the people of Cornwall don't then there is little any of us can do to change that, we would just have to get used to the idea that what we believe our nations borders to be are different to what others believe them to be.

Ian Titherington said...

I note with interest the recent slagging the English Democrats gave to Wales, because of working with France on the Rugby World Cup. Such snide comments from their leaders only confirms to me a level of political immaturity that the ED's currently suffer from. I am glad that Plaid have not had dealings with them and hope that remains the case for the forceable future.

I would welcome greater democracy for England. However, it is dangerous ground indeed to consider all nationalist parties as potential partners.