Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Brit Left - Brit Nats!

The Brit Left are increasingly coming out of the cupboard as Brit Nats. Nothing new there - any Welsh nationalist knew that British nationalism was the one defining thing that held the Labour vote together. All talk of socialism and internationalism was just dressed up class jingoism to give some legitimacy for instinctively being hostile to any Welsh identity which went further than the rugby field and semi-racist nonsense that Welsh people and communities were friendlier than any where else.

Labour was built on cultural nationalism; a British, white colony, English-language nationalism ... a point which their most intelligent AMs like Leighton Andrews understands - hence the Kulturkampf over the leadership of the Arts Council and appointment of the Dai Welsh-isn't-good-enough-for-me-to speak Smith.

This article in the Fabian Review gives an interesting argument laying out justification for the Labour's latest instalment of British nationalism.

But, hell, why don't they just give it a rest and treat the Welsh, English and Scots like grown-ups? There is no need for Britain. In an interdependent world, apart from wage war, what can Britain do which none of its constituent countries couldn't? We understand that Scottish and Welsh Labour MPs want to keep Britain for the glory of their own personal egos, but, please, give it a rest.

UK RIP? Yes. It wouldn't be the 'Balkanisation of Britain' as Kim commie-cum-capitalist Howells famously said, but the 'Scandinavianisation of Britain'!

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