Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some more thoughts about the opening of the Senedd

5. The National Poet's poem. What was it about? Mixed metaphor and what the hell was the snake? As one Welsh-speaking friend said, bring back the strict-meter, cynghannedd bards. At least there's an indigenous Welsh poetic tradition of 'canu mawl' singing praise, which was developed precisely for an occasion such as opening a Senedd. Very New Labour, lots of empty talk about inclusiveness so as to underplay the Welshness. Verdict - get some cynghaneddwr to writ en 'awdl' in Welsh and resuscitate Harry Webb or Idris Davies to write something in English.

6. Queen opening the Senedd? Not so fussed. I suppose having the Queen gives the place the blessing of the Brit establishment and gives a nice warm feeling to old women and Labour Brit Nat AMs - didn't Huw/Hugh Lewis look smart? Wanted to look his best for the Queen in fine tradition of Valley socialists’ awe of the English monarchy no doubt. But it's not worth getting worked up about it. However, well done Leanne Wood for not turning up as an act of defiance against the recognition of the alien monarchy and for being one the few AMs who actually does and says something interesting, what ever your view of her politics. Good also to see the Welsh republicans making their voices and whistles heard. It reminds the Brit establishment and Labour crach that we're not all fawning peasants. Verdict - one all to monarchists and republicans.

7. The building? Well, yes it is a good design and exciting. Good on all involved. And as Windbag looks out of his office he can see at least two different successful projects that he has opposed - building a new Senedd, the Bay barrage. Who said he was a man with no vision. Verdict - one nil against the Windbag for being a boorish opposition politician.

8. The building 2. Must be the only debating chamber in the world which has no icon, flag, sign or crest which shows what the place is a debating chamber of. Even the most useless county council has some crest of the County and Borough of Cwmcrymi. And what is that thing in the middle of the chamber - did they buy it from a seaside shop in Barry Island? Shouldn't the Assembly's crest be there? Verdict - crap design in centre of chamber shows contempt for Wales and lack of pride in the establishment. Brit Establishment must be laughing at Dafydd Elis-Thomas having swallowed the 'inclusive' post-nationalist claptrap. One nil to anti-Devolutionists.

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Americanes said...

I was disappointed that the new Assembly building was called Senedd instead of Cynulliad. Does anyone else feel the same? Also, I'm not able to understand why Labour keeps getting re-elected. Do folks not understand what's going on, or are there so many English in Cymru that they outnumber those who would vote otherwise? Somebody please clue me in as to how this happens.