Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lord Faulkner

British Nationalist Labour Peer Lord Faulkner's incredible arrogance nearly had me choking on my cornflakes last week. His interview poo-pooing an English Parliament got this Welshman's off to a bad start!

Most politcal parties believe or at least like to believe they're there to serve and save their nation. Labour it seems see things differently. The nation is there to save and serve Labour. The British nationalists in the Labour Party know they could be facing eternal opposition if England were to have its own parliament, so, no parliament for England then. A bit like Wales. The Assembly was meant to be Mid Glam on stilts, when it seems they can't control the Assembly, they then change the rules.

England deserve a parliament. It's the only sensible option. Lord Faulkner and the other British nationalists Labour smugocracy should go out for a pint in their local English pub where they'll see that most Englishmen and women think so too.


Toque said...

Good to have a bit of support, thanks.

cornubian said...

The hypocrisy of the English nationalists!

I would be happy to support the Campaign for an English parliament its just that NO English nationalist including the CEP will even begin to sensibly discuss the needs and desires of the Cornish and our Duchy. Fine let the English have a parliament but then let the Cornish have their time in the sun as well.

The Cornish national minority report: http://www.geecee.co.uk/CNMR/

The campaign for a Cornish Assembly: http://www.senedhkernow.com/