Friday, March 24, 2006

Good enough for the Commonwealth - now for the Olympics

Wales it seems is good enough to be represented at the Commonwealth Games - and a big cheer for all those competing - but not good enough for the Olympics?

The Commonwealth Games is commonly called 'the friendly games' - a bit like 'special' games for 'special' people don't you think? But what about the proper, grown up Olympics? Why can't David Davies represent Wales in 2012 rather than Britainland?

Despite all the compelling arguments for a Welsh team - economic, tourist, esteem, affinity of the competitors, the British nationalist Labour Party in Wales will show their true colours and line up behind the union jack.

Look forward to an six years of unmitigated British Nationalism shoved down our throats by the British nationalist establishment, no doubt with Brit Nat labour-speak - 'inclusive', 'patriotic', 'unifying' all use ad nauseam!

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cornubian said...

The Cornwall Commonwealth Games Association (CCGA) has been set-up in a bid to have a team from Cornwall at future Commonwealth Games, as opposed to competing in an England team.

An application to participate in the 2006 Commonwealth Games was recently refused by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). The Cornwall Commonwealth Games Association claims that Cornwall should be allowed to participate, in the same respect as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Cornwall is the only home Celtic nation which is not represented in the Commonwealth Games