Sunday, February 05, 2006

Welsh Labour British nationalist-speak #1

Just so that you can read between the lines:


Just about the only Welsh word many Labour MPs and AMs can say. 'Crachach’ literally means a scab that forms on a wound. It was historically used to describe members of the landed gentry in Wales. In Welsh Labour British Nat speak it means Welsh-speakers, pretty much all Welsh-speakers really except those whose fathers were Professors of Welsh and whose siblings are Emeritus Professors of History, like erm, Rhodri Morgan. But he's OK because he never kicks up a fuss about his mother tongue because that's boring, boring, boring see?

One Wales

Faux Welsh patriotism, really dog-whistling for Welsh-language campaigners to shut up and know their place. English is now the majority language in Wales and we're going to keep it that way. One Wales - One Language, with gimmicks for Welsh. One Wales - One Party.

Assembly hasn't bedded down

Particular Neath dialect used by one P Hain. The Assembly can't have more powers because people think the Welsh Labour-run Assembly are second-rate amateurs. Ergo - Labour in Cardiff Bay are no good.

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