Friday, February 24, 2006

Cameron learning from Ireland

It's good to seem the Conservative leader David Cameron taking time out to see what the British state can learn from the economic success of the Irish Republic.

Of course, he could just have asked some Welsh nationalists and saved the air fair. The root of Ireland's success is their independence. If Ireland was still a part of the UK she'd have 'benefited' from decades of state subsidy and then like Wales or Scotland been stuck on it.

The Irish have learnt many lessons but it all comes down to independence. They just had to learn to swim or drown. The best argument for Welsh independence would be that it would force us to grown up and learn to swim. We'd have to have a strong economy to balance our budget and stop the massive brain drain that we are still witnessing (and which, were we an island or East European state, would be the topic of countless articles and policies).

Labour doesn't want Wales to be too successful because we wouldn't be so dependent on their bribes (erm, state support). The Tories would have all to gain from an independent Wales and Scotland - guaranteed majority party in England and good neighbours. Independence would also force many Welsh nationalists to stop trying to out-left-wing Labour.

Independence forces a country to grow up and make the most of its resources and abilities - that's the lesson Cameron and all Welsh people should take from the success of Ireland. Would Ireland want to swap places with Wales's useless Assembly? Would they have managed the Celtic Tiger economy with a useless Assembly? What do you think?

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