Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lib Dem Councillor insults Muslims

The Liberal Democrats polled over 7,000 votes at the last general election in the old mining town of Pontypridd, but do the voters really know who and what they are voting for?

Readers of this blog may recall one of RCT's Lib Dem Councillors calling Plaid Cymru voters ‘sickos’ and 'down right scum!' Well Lib Dem Councillor Mike Powell’s best friend and former employee, Liberal Democrat Pontypridd Town Councillor Stephen Farr -
also known as 'Viking' - has been spotted contributing to a web forum that has become well known as a hotbed for racist and homophobic mistruths and sheer gutter slime.

Viking, stated on the Pontypridd & Valleys Message Board that a certain convicted member of the Muslim community chewed off his hands due to the lack of pork scratchings and lager in his diet, comments you certainly would not expect to be made by a person in his position.

viking, Friday, February 10, 16:21:43 -
you forgot pork scatchins and lager no wonder the hook chewed his hands off
Do the people of Pontypridd really want an elected Councillor that holds such views? Surley not!

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