Monday, November 09, 2009

Eorpa's Back!

The best current affairs programme on UK network? It's got to be Eorpa on BBC Alba (the new Gaelic language channel).
Items from across Europe and also Scotland makes this an interesting and insightful series. Much more interesting than anything on S4C or any English language serive and without the 'Europe is cuddly, little nations with their silly languages' feel of Euronews.
For all non-Gaelic speakers - it's no problem. There's on-screen English subtitling. Go over to BBCi and check it out.


MacNaBracha said...

Gu dearbh, se program air leth math a th'ann. Tha e nas farsainge na na naidheachdan à Lunnainn.

Great program and it's not as parochial as the news programmes from London.

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