Friday, September 18, 2009

Wales in Catalan

Being an internationalist movement, the Welsh national movement has close links and affinity with other state-less nations. One of the most successful in terms of political power and language regeneration (not to talk of economy - and yes, there is a link) is Catalonia. And it seems the affinity is reciprocated.

For all those Catalan-speakers, there's a new site about Wales and the other Celtic nations. La Llengua de drac - the dragon's language, surely - is a great addition to the Welsh and Catalan blogesphere. (If, like me, you don't speak Catalan, you can use googletranslate).

There's also an article in the Catalan daily, El Punt about Rhodri Morgan. In it Rhodri tries to outline Wales's insulting and confusing constitional mess to the Catalans - the mess his party got us into to keep happy it's Brit Nat section!


catalanwr said...

Dear friends;

As an enthusiast of your so special country, it has been an added pleasure for me to see my blog posted in your article.
I hope that my small blog will help a bit to bring closer to the catalan audience the welsh reality and the ones from other celtic nations.

Dim ond dweud bod pob cam yn y ffordd ymlaen yn dod ein wledydd ni agosach i difodol disglair a chryfach

Cymru a Chatalonia am byth!!

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