Monday, March 30, 2009

Wales and the World

No big news, just thought you'd like to see some videos and news from different parts of the world about people's struggle to keep their languages and identity. The politics of the world in the twenty first century will be the politics of Wales.

Dutch language under pressure from monoglot French-speakers on Flemish border (Aljazeera):

An introduction and history (yes, unlike Marx and Engels we at BNW think all nations and languages are valid in their own right)

Greenland moves to Independence (Russia Today). BNW is all for it, but as has been posted previously, believe that ditching the Danish language could make Greenlandic more open to linguistic domination by the English language. It makes good linguistic, cultural and economic sense for small language communities to be trilingual.

Amazigh / Berber
We're used to hearing Arabs complaining of discrimination against Arabs by the West and Israel but how often do we hear of Arab discrimination against one of the original inhabitants and languages of the Maghreb, the Berber (Amazigh)? From the first video it's obvious that the Berbers have suffered a 'Welsh Not' in education and that the language of authority has been Arabic. The fact is, Arab-speakers in Israel have more linguistic rights that Berber-speakers in Algeria for instance, something which is rarely mentioned.
The green, blue and yellow are the colours of the Berber flag. There's also a song by Lounes Matoub, the Berber 'Dafydd Iwan'.


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