Monday, March 23, 2009

The Roots of Left Wing Racism?

We're quite used to hearing some left wing politicians from the imperial or dominant cultures and states like France, Britain, Spain etc accuse the nationalists of the smaller countries of racism. But, the fact is that there is an underlying bigotry if not racism bound up in their world view. If you've ever wondered where the colonial and arrogant attitude of French, Spanish, Chinese or even British left wing nationalists comes from - the kind of racism which always hides behind the veneer of class unity or enlightenment of course then you need to go back to the roots of Marxist theory.

It seems Engels, the founding father of communism with Marx believed that some pre-capitalist nations were 'racial trash' because they were 'two stages away from communism'. Poland likewise had no reason to exist.

Marx said, 'the classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way .. they must perish in the revolutionary holocaust'.

Words which are never quoted to you when French or UK left wingers accuse Bretons of being Nazi-sympathisers.

It seems the part of left wing, communist and socialist thinking has a long and, illustrious history of racism towards so-called non-revolutionary nations. This idea that some nations or languages have no worth in their own right and can only justify themselves in their role in 'progressive politics' or if they follow a certain agenda is an echo of this deep attitude of many so called socialists in France, Spain and occasionally the UK.

Marx and Engels' prejudice were the cause for the justification of the deaths of millions and the philosophical antipathy of many towards weaker and 'backward' European languages and cultures.


Cai Larsen said...

The attitudes that you attribute to Marx & Engels were norms in Europe at the time - hence the unfortunate deaths by 'famine', disease etc of so many imperial subjects.

unionworkeruk said...

I agree with the previous contribution. All racist attitudes of Marx and Engels have also been repudiated by modern Marxists and Socialists.They also repudiate the racism of the dictator Stalin.

You may prefer it but Marxism and Socialism do not equal dictatorship.
If you read their articles and principles you will see how important THE RIGHTS OF NATIONS TO SELF DETERMINATION really is. That is why Marxist socialists (not the Labour Party) always supported the colonial freedom movements in the fight against the British Empire.
Read their papers and ask them. Dont just quote the writing of old Marx from the 19th Century.
Socialists support democratic workers council control of the economy elected by the community not the economic dictatorship of the rich and powerful.
We also support independence if voted for by the same community.
Do you want poverty and exploitation by rich Cornish men and women instead of the English or a socialist Cornwall where you control all aspects of your lives through real economic democracy?

mewmewmew said...

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