Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eluned Morgan - British Nationalist against Welsh and Tibetan Independence

So Eluned Morgan MEP in an incredible attack on her own nation has said that recognising the independence of Kosovo is a dangerous precedent.

Yes, this coming from a Labour MEP whose party lead the war in Iraq which is this year costing UK taxpayers $3bn and has been part of a totally reckless international precedent. Absolutely no irony - amazing.

Of course, Morgan, believes that nations which are part of larger states (i.e. that have been militarily conquered in the past and have been colonised) shouldn't be recognised - that's us, the Basques, Catalans and in fact virtually every nation on earth sometime in its history. Oh, how I wished Britain had been defeated by Napoleon or the Kaiser to teach some humility to these British nationalists. I mean, was there ever any national campaign for liberation which wasn't 'a dangerous precedent'? The UK didn't exactly support US independence, nor Ireland's nor most African states nor Welsh when Glyndwr lead an intifada.

Morgan's words gives moral support for the Chinese massacres in Tibet today. Oh yes, Morgan will say she's against the heavy-handed action of the Chinese and that they should put up some bilingual signs in Lhasa and have a nice cup of tea, but by not supporting the right of a nation to independence she gives moral support to the Chinese.Will Morgan support Tibetan independence or not?

The arguments used by the dictatorial communist Chinese regime is exactly the same ones used by Morgan and her Spanish and Turkish nationalists to oppose Kosovan, Basque, Kurdish or Welsh independence. Her immoral stance will create more bloodshed and tears as it gives thugs like Putin the go-ahead to crush Chechen independence or the Burmese junta's war against the Karen. It seems Morgan, like a true British nationalist, is very proud to be in the camp of the colonisers, the juntas and the anti-democrats.

Is Morgan going to campaign in the EU against the legitimate right of a nation to become independent? When she walks around the corridors of the EU does she have the conviction of her principles and tell the Slovene or Estonian MEPs that their shitty little countries shouldn't be independent and should have stayed a part of Yugoslavia or Russia. I'm sure they'd love to hear her tell them what a mistake independence was for them!

And how can she speak to these people and see the Slovene Presidency of the EU and not think, "hmm, maybe Wales could do that..." but then, Wales is just a shitty little country which should be glad and proud to get little crumbs from London's table. Heavens, what kind of deep psychological condition does Morgan suffer from which makes her believe that Wales is not only less capable than Slovenia but that Wales shouldn't even have the right to be like Slovenia. Oh, yes, Labour's British nationalism.

Morgan's comments will actually deny legitimate nations like ourselves the right to independence. Or maybe she'd actually campaign against Welsh independence within the EU. Fine - we'd take her on. I'd like to see Labour take that to Scotland and see Salmond whip them for it. I'd like to see the EU deny membership to Flanders in which Brussels is a part. I'd like to see the EU refuse to recognise Basque independence after a majority of people have voted for it. Morgan's comments are a recipy for disaster not for Wales or the Basques but for the EU. If the EU won't recognise legitimate nations who precede the states in which they are a part of it will be another small but significant step to dismantling the EU. Countries will go it alone and will prosper - it will only be a small step then for England / Germany / Italy to leave as well.

Moreover, Morgans' almost racist hierarchy of nations (with her own, Wales, very much on the bottom, below Latvia or Malta) will lead to conflict and maybe bloodshed. The Spanish state refuses the democratic right of the Basques or Catalans to have a referendum on independence. This anti-democratic madness is the one glimpse of legitimacy which ETA use to support its claim that there is no democracy in the Basque Country and that the Spanish state will never peacefully allow the Basques to chose independence. ETA's reasoning, supported by the Spanish State, is that only military option will give that choice to the Basques.

The UK was more intelligent than the Spanish. In the Good Friday Agreement, Tories and Morgan's Labour, agreed that the UK had no selfish economic nor military interest in Northern Ireland and that the 'province' was free to chose it's destiny. That one significant statement undermined the whole of the IRA's logic and lead to peace.

What kind of a Welshperson snitches against her own nation's right to independence and aligns herself with Chinese Communists who kill Tibetans, Burmese junta who kill Karen or Stalin and Franco?


Caribbean Welsh Bridge said...

Hi there, friend!

Could you please comment about the Segolene Royal affair at Harvard regarding her reported support for the independence of the US territory of Porto Rico?

If she can say this about Porto Rico, she may consider saying the same about Wales, right!?


Unknown said...

British nationalists live in their own world. This world belongs to the past. Present day realities will not support this kind of mentality for much longer. They will be swept away by the winds of change.