Saturday, April 08, 2006

Welsh Tories Show Some Guts

The Tories' decision to call a vote of confidence against Alun Pugh for the political appointment of Kulture Kommisar, Dai 'speak no Welsh' Smith was spot on. Why didn't Plaid Cymru supporting this motion?

Smith's colonial attitude towards the Welsh language and culture means he's not to be trusted running such an important institution. And who'll take any money that Dai Smith won't be reappointed once Labour look to appoint the new head of the Arts Council on a permanent basis?

Why are Plaid such wimps? Do they think if the shoe was on the other foot that Labour wouldn't go to town against such a blatantly political appointment, who has such a low opinion of Welsh culture? Would Labour accept a person of say Saunders Lewis's view as head of the Arts Council? (even though Lewis called for a national Welsh and English radio service as far back as 1935 - forty years before the founding of Radio Wales and Radio Cymru).

Smith has such a low opinion of culture through the medium of Welsh, that he hasn't been arsed to learn the language, even though being a Welsh historian it would have been to his benefit. His identity is that of an ethnic English-speaking Welshman who won't learn Welsh on principal. His politics is based in a colonial mentality towards Welsh. Smith is an English nationalist.

If Plaid were a confident Welsh nationalist party, they would fight against such an appointment. It makes you wonder if Plaid have the guts ever to be in Government.

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