Sunday, April 23, 2006

Better Bombers and Racists than Welsh Nationalists

It's difficult to see where Welsh nationalists have gone wrong. Irish nationalists have bombed, and killed thousands during the troubles and yet Gerry Adams gets a nice cup of tea and scone with Brit Nat PM, Tony Blair and other Brit Nat Governor Generals like Paul Murphy and Peter Hain.

White English working class people, 'traditional Labour voters' seem to be going over in droves to the racist British National Party at the forthcoming local elections in England, and Brit Nat Labour MPs like Frank Field (after giving the 'I'm not racist caveat) are quite openly saying that 'something has do be done'.

Welsh Nationalists haven’t killed or maimed a single person, not a single person in its whole modern history. Simon Glyn's comments about the movement of English-speakers into Gwynedd was decidedly not racists a fact recognised by the Commission for Racial Equality's decision to work closely with Cymuned, the movement founded following the Simon Glyn affair in 2001. All gains made by the Welsh nationalist movement in the last forty years have been through peaceful lobbying and non-violent direct action.

And yet, where are the Labour apologists? Welsh nationalists and Welsh nationalism is actually treated with more contempt than people like Adams who have blood on their hands.

It does seem that the British Nationalists problems with Welsh nationalism isn't its tactic or even 'racism'; it seems the problem is with the very concept of a Welsh nation and a Welsh language (which is much more than the token music-hall or post-national Welshness which Welsh internationalists campaign for.)


Laban said...

I think it's a bleak prospect for Welsh-speaking Wales, where I have family and forebears, though I was brought up in England.

A combination of the A55 dual carriageway, the M4 extension to Camarthen and the A465 dual carriageway (the first and last of these both funded by Europe) have only served as the route for smack-selling Scallies in the North and alternative types in the South to colonise.

As England becomes ever more multicultural, the Saesneg are fleeing West in an ironic echo of the Britons 1600 years ago.,,2-2134012,00.html

"Their land they shall lose - except wild Wales" wrote Taliesin of the Britons. Until now. The English are leaving England.

cornubian said...

Again a great article!!!

The Cornish to have largely been peaceful in their calls for greater autonomy but what have we got to show for it? Nothing!

A petition of over 50000 calling for devolution, numerous opinion polls showing interest in a Cornish assembly at over 50%, the work of the various Cornish groups including the Cornish constitutional convention and constant calls from the Lib Dems.

All this and yet nothing, not one concession.

Are they saying violence is the only way to get heard?

The Cornish Constitutional Convention:

The online petition: