Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We'll Fly OUR Flag

Interesting pics. Some of the Welsh members of the Olympic team being feted by the Senedd (good to see the Senedd becoming the centre of Welsh life).

And the image below is that of Becky Adlington, an English member of the GB Team, arriving in Mansfield. Notice the difference?

We are flying our own flag, the Red Dragon - not a Union Jack in sight. The English fans can fly the Union Jack. Wales is where the heart is!


Unknown said...

The Union Jack is the flag of Great Britain, the people were flying it for the British team, including the Welsh team members, if they were flying a flag for England it would have been the flag of England which is the "George Cross", although the "George Cross" represents Wales as part of the Union Flag.

Unknown said...

The Butcher's Apron is nothing but a symbol of everything that is wrong with Scotland and Wales.

The sooner the Union ends, the better.

Saor Alba.

Unknown said...

To be British is an acceptance of English ways for the less fortunate Scots.What a race the Scots are.You come out of Central Station in Glasgow and see the Glaswegian kids wearing English football strips. At internation level the so called Tartan Army chant and sing patriotic Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flower of Scotland tunes and some of those idiots (hypocrits) on match day between the great Celtic and bigoted teams like Hearts and Rangers would sing and chant the familiar sectarin pro-Royalist Queen of England tunes. Some of you Scots suffer with an identity crisis and just look at your passport cover with coat of British arms on it. Sir Sean Connery the so called nationalist standing arm to arm with those Rangers Huns flying their English/British symbols and Union Jacks at Ibrox. You fool Connery with a fenian heritage. Tom in Ireland ( Tiocfaidh ar La )