Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Cost of British Nationalism

Yes, they want a British state, no matter who's in power - Labour or Tory, they're both wedded to the drug of British virility. Yes, they pour £3bn down the drain, because the British state is a nationalist state that needs to prove its worth with nuclear weapons.

So, when Labour British nationalists like Eluned Morgan say Wales can't afford to have status for Welsh in the EU or we can't afford to have policies to promote Welsh, or build council houses, or railways in Wales... you know who to blame and what to blame - British Nationalism which is espoused by the British nationalist Labour Party.

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Rhetoric Innes said...

The amount of good things the Welsh Lib Dem's in Wales by English born politicians.
Welsh language act, jenny randerson
Peter black's LCO's to bring devolution to Wales...
Lab and Plaid not interested in devolving wales..