Tuesday, December 05, 2006

'New Labour has had its Day' - Rhodri Morgan

Haven't we heard this one before?... like a few months before the last Assembly election and the famous 'clear red water' between 'Welsh' Labour and New Labour?

Does Windbag honestly think we're that stupid?

I know what 'Welsh Labour socialism' means - bribes! 'free' train trips, 'free' school breakfast i.e. Labour's suspected core voters get stuff for free whilst somebody else pays for it.

'New Labour's had it's day' - yes Rhodri, like Trident, Iraq and 'Welsh' Labour being too useless even to ban smoking in Wales until it's going to happen in the mother country (see walesworldnation.welshblogs.co.uk - 'Smoking for Britain')... oh, and it's a month before the election.

No doubt 'Welsh' Labour won't be accepting any cash nor support by New Labour nor New Labour MPs in the run-up to the Assembly Election?

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