Friday, September 30, 2005

Brit Nat AM's Researcher - David Taylor - orders the removal of Walter Wolfgang

We've received reports, that David Taylor - Labour AM Leighton Andrews' researcher - was the Labour party official who instructed the stewards to remove 88 year old Walter Wolfgang from the British Nationalist Labour Party conference.

Apparently Taylor was watching the speech live on Sky News outside the conference hall, and shouted in to his radio:

"You can hear the f***ing heckling on Sky News. Shut them up, or take them out."

We have been given this information by a media source, who also said that David Taylor returned to the Welsh Assembly today, but wouldn't talk to anyone about the incident. It is rumoured that Taylor's actions could mean that he loses his job as Andrews' researcher. Maybe this will allow him the necessary time to improve his blog?


Anonymous said...

Is this true? This was the most disgraceful incident I have seen in politics.

I must say I'm not surprised this guy is involved given the strong rumours out there that he is the webmaster of that vile anti-nat site.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Leighton Andrews can keep on employing this guy, he seems a liability and for him to be revealed as Mr Natwatch (soon we hear) will cause further embarrassment for Mr Andrews and the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

I think Leighton Andrews could face losing his seat at the Rhondda because of Mr Taylor's vile behaviour on the internet and at the Labour conference.

I've never personally met Mr Andrews or heard him speak but he comes across on his blog as being a rather genuine guy with respect for others.

Therefore it's surprising that he employs someone who has such vulgar viewpoints and runs a vile website which has caused misery for the employment of two North Wales public sector workers. As if that was not enough, it's now alleged he is the orchestrator for the removal of a frail old man, a faithful party member for over 50 years, from the Labour conference in such a disgraceful way which has shocked the nation.

Leighton, you're a good man. Do the right thing and sack Mr Taylor because his activities will be seized upon by your political opponents in the Rhondda to question your judgement and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Plaid are running Jill Evans MEP in the Rhondda in 2007 aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I bet Leighton's really sh*ting himself!!!!

Especially with the anti-David Taylor protest vote, he might was well throw in the towel now.

Anonymous said...

If Leighton continues to employ that vile individual, his own values will come under question.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, get some perspective!!!

Do you really think that employing someone who hates nationalists is really going to put his seat at risk at the next election!!!

Ha ha ha, your ignorance is amusing.

Anonymous said...

Leighton is one of the biggest Nationalist of them all, British not Welsh, do you also hate Leighton David?

PS. Why not use your own name instead of 'anonymous'?

Anonymous said...

Plaid should really sharpen their claws and go all out against Natwatch and its webmaster Mr D.Taylor.

Rhondda is a seat Plaid could win.

Exposing the vile campaigns and website of D.Taylor should be something Plaid ought to go to work on.

It's time to raise the standard of politics in Wales. Plaid should be leading the way and making an example of D.Taylor would be a good start.

A colleague of Mr Taylor is set to betray him and tell the media of his secret internet activities. He can laugh now but he won't have the last laugh.

Nic said...

Any chance of blocking anonymous comments here so at least it's clear that there's more than one person commenting? It's a bit hard to join a conversation on the web where everyone has the same name. It's easy enough for anyone who wants to remain anonymous to create a Blogger account with a nom de plume. Just a thought.

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

Yes, I agree. I have now blocked 'Anonymous' posters, but everyone can still leave a comment on British Nationalists in Wales Watch.

From now on you will need to sign up for a free Blogger account to do so. It's extremely easy, and this will allow you to leave comments on all Blogs.

Unknown said...

'Rhondda is a seat Plaid can win'?? And what colour is the sky on your planet?

Plaid are two thirds of the way down a headlong slide that can only be stopped by the brick wall at the bottom.

Bringing in the heavies in the form of Jill Evans as is rumoured is not going to help them now.

Unknown said...

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