Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rhodri Morgan's Letter in the Western Mail

This letter in Friday 9 March's Western Mail is a peach. I did a double take to make sure it wasn't taking the mickey. But no, it's a genuine letter, with Rhodri Morgan, Peter Hain or Kinnock (or some other Welsh Brit Nat MP/AM) writing under the pen name of Miss D. Davies.

Read it and laugh. Forget all the sophisticated arguments about Wales needing to be a part of Britain because of British inclusivity or multi-culturalism, or Britain a force for good. The reason why Welsh Labour's Brit Nats don't want Wales to be independent are written in plain English in this letter.

The Labour members - every jack one of them, really do think like this. This is the true Labour manifesto for 2007 - "without England we'd be a poor country like Albania, still with horses and carts... a country that really cares for us". Bloody hell how deep has colonialism seeped into the Labour movement.

Yes that's it. Fantastic isn't it? This is what Morgan and every Labour candidate in 2007 actually think of Wales... and what's the bet that Albanian GNP will overtake us in 15 years time?! The message - 'vote Labour, cos Wales is crap and we're stupid!'

Political choices

SIR - Rhodri Morgan has missed the point with his "straight choice" between Labour and Conservative campaign. In most areas the straight choice is between Labour and Plaid Cymru.

I am Labour but if I went around pretending the Conservatives could get in here I'd be laughed at! I could say the nationalists are "in bed" with the Tories but I wouldn't be believed either. They are active here, people know them.

Come on Rhodri! Fight the proper fight. Tell us that without England we would be a poor country like Albania, still with horses and carts. We've done well being looked after by Britain. We're too small. We are part of a fantastic big country that really cares about us.

Plaid are the real threat. Peidiwch Pleidleisio Plaid!

Elkington Road, Burry Port, Carmarthenshire


Wynne Jones said...

"We've done well being looked after by Britain... We are part of a fantastic big country that really cares about us." What!? Has this lady actually travelled around Wales lately? Or is she just deluded? Even after 10 years of Labour rule Wales still has some of the poorest parts, not only of Britain, but Europe!

Tony Blair and his party don't give a shit about Wales. To them, Wales is just England's bitch.

Anonymous said...

When I came back to Wales after living in the supposedly "poorer" country of Spain in 2002 the first thing that struck me about North Wales was how simular it was to Poland in 1993! Within the UK Wales is and has been for some considerable time considered a backwaters ny our "caring" masters in London, and it is evident that this oppinion has taken root in the mind of many of us here in Wales. It's about time that we stopped considering ourselves a defeated nation (a defeat I may add that took a millenia to complete and bankrupted Europe), drew a line in the sand of our minds, and said -in the words of Leonidas- This Is Sparta!

Ian James Johnson said...

Errm...surely the letter was a wind-up, pointing out the stupidity of voting Labour...

Nicholas Michael Morgan said...

I've just done something for the 1st time EVER! I've deleted a comment from this blog. I will delete all further comments that refer to the BNP! The fascists are not welcome on this site:

"We completely oppose the racist and facist views of the BNP. There is no room for their politics in Wales. Something we can all agree on!"